Your 3 brains: Brain number 1

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Your brain has many different parts and components. There are people who dedicate their entire lives to understanding tiny parts of it. Luckily for us I know everything there is to know about everything so let me school you on the brain that is actually reading and interpreting these words. And if that doesn’t freak you out…the brain named itself. That is a rabbit hole down which there is no returning. Back in the 1960s a neuroscientist called McLead came up with a way to describe the different parts of the brain. So what follows is a simplified version of how our brain is constructed. Simplified as it is it does give us an insight into how we make decisions. Specifically it gives us insight into the decisions we make even when we don’t want to make that decision. You know what i’m talking about. You have the take away app open at 7:30pm on a Friday, kids are asleep, your finger is hovering…*repeat order*….*confirm*….your delivery will be with you in 30 minutes. The whole time you’re thinking ‘i have a fridge full of food, why did I just do that?’ That is the fight between the rational and emotional brain. The rational part of your brain knows there is a fridge full of food, but the emotional brain does not care. The emotional brain is a cruel cruel master. Emotionless you might say!

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