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Communication does not happen the way you think it does, closing sales
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Mybae the frsit few wrdos cnfosued you but now you fnid yuorslef in a rythhtm and you are silmnig as you are raideng bcuesae its wried. Wihle wr’ee at it, yur’oe not eevn raideng tihs wtih yuor eeys….mroe aubot taht in a ltaer bolg psot. Tcenhlogy is monvig the wrlod froawrd at a rtae of kotns. But we as poelpe hvae not cahnegd. The way we cumomuicntae wtih ecah ohetr has not cahnegd.

We have a wide variety of ways of interpreting the world and hence communicating. Sometimes we assume that everyone sees it the same way.

Imagine the results if you could unlock the secrets of the principles of persuasion and combine it with being able to see the world from your customers point of view. How easy would it be to close a sale if you knew exactly what your customer was looking for?

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