Emotional brain

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We began like I said as a wet blob that had just escaped from the sea. We spent a few million years getting our breath back by lying on the beach. In this time we grew some legs and other things. What was very interesting was that the reptilian complex was not enough to keep us safe. So a very thin layer of of neurons developed. And they were responsible for detecting the molecular code that every single living thing possesses. And what is your molecular code? It’s your smell. We said earlier that humans exist for 2 reasons – to survive and to replicate. This sense of smell was for survival. The layer of cells learned to predict if the molecular code of some organic material was food, poison, threat or mate by comparing this code to previous codes they had stored in memory to make a quicker decision about whether or not it was worth pursuing or not. This layer of neurons then led to being able to make quicker decisions by using another thin layer of cells to send messages to the muscles. These messages would be extremely simplistic in nature. It could be bite, spit, run or fight. So when we are ravenous with hunger or in complete lust or recoiling in horror it is this peculiar part of the brain that is running the show. So from this developed our complex emotions and memory. Two aspects of being a human that I think you will agree are pretty important.
And about 100 million years ago our ancestors had a growth spurt. On top of the emotional brain grew several new layers of cells known as the neocortex. In short, this part of the brain is the rational thinking part of our brains.