How to make a plan

By February 17, 2018 No Comments

Where to begin this adventure through how you ended up at this point in your life. The choices you faced, the decisions you made. They all led to this moment right now where you are reading the words in this blog. We are going to drill down into these choices and decisions and we are going to analyse them in as an emotionless way as possible. We are going to study the crests and troughs of your life to see where we made brilliant choices, where we could have made better choices, where we made the best decision from a host of bad choices. And we will of course take a look at the downright wrong decisions we have made. Looking at these decisions objectively is an interesting approach because you will start to see patterns and repeated decisions both good and bad. The magic of the whole approach is that you can then borrow your thought process from areas of your life that you are happy with and sprinkle that magic dust over the areas of your life that need improvement. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The fact is that it actually is simple. It is not, however, easy. Therein lies the rub – it is simple to understand intellectually but to actually put it into practice takes real effort. Do not be put off by the enormity of the project. The reason I say that is because everyone really is the same on a certain level. Everyone has 24 hours in their day for example. The really productive people make sure that they organise their time correctly. They ensure that they plan and execute that plan on a regular basis. The awesomeness of how certain people achieve what they achieve is not down to some divine talent they were given. It is down to hard work, determination and most importantly planning. So buckle up sunshine – your journey starts here. We begin our journey into what makes you, you and the reasons you might feel bad with a look at your brain. Or should I say your brains. Because you have 3 of them.