Michelangelo’s approach

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How to interpret a supposed ‘problem’

Michelangelo (the painter and sculptor, not the turtle) was an incredible artist who rivalled the great Leonardo Da Vinci in his mastery of creating timeless pieces of art like the sixteen chapels that he tiled the roof of (or something). One of my favourite quotes about Michaelangelo is regarding his statue of David. “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” To him it was not a monumental task to turn this hulking piece of marble into a statue. His frame of mind was that the statue was already in there, his job as he saw it was to simply remove all the parts that were not the statue. How incredible is that? To think about a project in that way. Rather than seeing it as some huge uphill struggle he understood it from a completely different point of view – just remove the parts that are not the statue. Simples.

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