“Take it from us…you’re doing great”

By February 17, 2018 No Comments

Persuasive communication, convincing people to follow your lead
If you have young kids you are aware of this slogan. It is for the baby food company SMA. It is a great use of the persuasion principles of authority and liking.

Think about it….

SMA are telling you you are doing a great job. If you listen to that message then there is an inherent assumption that they must know what a good job is. And they are bestowing onto you the knowledge that you are doing a great job. Trust me, if you don’t already have kids, when you do, you will take encouragement from anywhere you can get it! When SMA tell you you’re doing great, you want to believe it. This makes you like them.

Looking at their website here they also fulfil another of the principles of persuasion: They have a dedicated phone line for free advice and support. This is getting something for nothing….reciprocation. They are positioning themselves as experts while essentially being a consultant to parents.