The Double Bind

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The illusion of choice and how you can use it to be persuasive in the work place
Check out this advert from Brennans bread here in Ireland:

This is a persuasion technique known as a double bind. It is offering choices that are both desirable to the business.

So it is giving someone two choices and there is no option to pick neither.

In business, you can use the double bind when looking to close a sale.

E.g. “Would you like to sign the contract now or after lunch?” There is an inherent understanding that the contract will be signed. The only choice for the customer is when they want to do it.

When it comes to your kids and you want them to dress warm, you give them two choices that you are happy with and give them the illusion of them being in control.

Or you want them to drink more water….”do you want a cold drink now or a hot drink later?”….devious.

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