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Communication, persuasive words and how to use them.
You know when you are in a rush and you are thinking “I’m only one little person and sure what difference would it make if I skipped the queue in the coffee shop”.

We’ve all thought about it.

There is a way to do it without annoying anyone else in the queue. In fact there is a way to do it where the others in the queue will actually want to help you get to the front of the queue.

Think of it this way, what would make you want to help someone get to the front of the queue?

Well what about if someone had a really good reason? What if it isn’t the coffee shop? What if it is checking in at the airport and the person behind you has three screaming kids and is about to miss their flight?

Chances are you are going to want to help them.

It is when a person has a reason to skip that their argument becomes persuasive. But check this out……

The reason somebody gives you for wanting something actually has no bearing whatsoever on whether their request is granted or not.

In a famous experiment in a college in America they had students skip the queue for the photocopier in the library in the following ways:

“Would you mind if I cut in line, I have 10 pages to copy?” – 60% of requests granted

“Would you mind if I cut in line because I am in a rush?” – 94% of requests granted.

Do you see the subtle difference in the two requests?

The third request went like this:

“Would you mind if I cut in line because I have to make some copies?” – 93% compliance

The reason doesn’t actually matter. Look at the third request they used “…because I have to make some copies?”


And the reason is due to one of the most persuasive words in the English language…..because.

If you root your request with any sort of reason chances are you are going to get compliance.

The lesson?….anything is possible when you use because!

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