What we all want

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Everyone wants to be happy, we all just goa about it in different ways

Bus driver or CEO, teacher or astronaut – we all want the same thing. Think about your day so far to this point. What did you do to end up reading these words? What about what has happened to you in the last week? Has everything gone to plan? Was there even a plan? When we wake up in the morning, pull back the covers and put our feet on the floor, we all just want good things to happen for the day and then we want to go back to bed. It really is that simple – we all just want to have a nice day. If we can string enough good days together, you have a good life. If you have a good life you can springboard to an incredible life.
There are times when we are not having a nice day and so we look for distractions. Some nonsense game on our phone with 4,000 levels takes on supreme importance in our lives. Or we just have to watch the latest boxset about the 4 guys who are all single and their hilarious escapades. It is not living, it is distraction. And distraction is ok from time to time but the more of it we get the more of it we need it seems. How often have you sat down to watch your favourite program, and I mean the one you have been looking forward to all week, but you end up watching it with some other electronic device in your hand. (OMG! Kevin it’s like your #totes in my house/apartment/cardboard box). It’s *you’re. Anyway, why do we do it? Why can we not focus on one thing at a time? It is because we are not giving ourselves time to step back and say “what the hell am i doing?”
The issue is that we all do it in different ways. We’re all trying to do it in different ways while interacting, climbing over each other and shoving our faces into everyone else’s lives as you go about your day. And what is an even bigger issue being that a lot of us have no idea how to go about doing it. Try and help someone else today for no reason other than to just help. I dare you. I double dare you.

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