Your decision – making matrix

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People make decisions emotionally first and then back it up with logic afterwards. We can even sometimes complete the transaction this way and then afterwards switch the memory around so that we think we made a logical decision and fell in love with the sweatshirt/shoes/video game afterwards. We are emotional beings more than most will ever realise. When you arrive in the store to buy rice cakes and go home with cream cakes you will tell yourself some nonsense about why it is ok just this one time. At least that’s what I tell myself. My weapon of choice is a coffee slice. If you do not know what a coffee slice is I feel sorry for you. It is crumbly pastry with too much cream, a layer of jam and then a lid of pastry with coffee flavoured icing on top. Don’t buy one, you won’t like them. The other day I was driving past a shop near where and i just pulled into the car park. I knew I was up to no good going in. I had no reason to go in, I was on the way home from work, before dinner and I had cash on me. This was not going to go well for me. In the end I got out OK, we had chicken fajitas that night for dinner. It could have gone a lot worse. My wife and I have been known to have m&m’s for dinner of an evening. Will power is useless. All the rationalising in the world is useless. All the telling yourself ‘buy the healthy stuff’ is a hairdryer fighting off a tornado. Sometimes it makes it even worse when you give yourself all of the rational reasons. You just feel naughty. You feel like you are getting away with something. The bottom line is that we are not in control of the part of the brain that makes most of our decisions. This can be a difficult thing to understand because the question then becomes, well if i’m not in control then who is? Well maybe I am being a little bit dramatic. It is still you in control but when you consciously try to make a decision and fail to make the right one it is because of habits and emotions. The emotional brain is making the decision based on decisions it has made before.