Fuel My Plane

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In Dale Carnegie’s bestselling ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ he says:

Complaining never solves anything.

Complaining is a sure-fire way of antagonizing people. No one wants to listen to someone who constantly complains. Instead we should focus on finding solutions to improve the situation. Come to people with solutions rather than just reiterating the problem. Solving a problem rather than complaining about is a much more productive use of our time.

Bob Hoover a famous test fighter found himself 300 hundred feet in the air with two stalled engines. He managed to land to plane but it was a very close call. Hoover discovered that the engines had stalled because the plane had been filled with the wrong fuel.

Instead of complaining about the mechanic, which under the near-death circumstances would seem to be the natural thing to do. Hoover told the mechanic, “to make sure this never make this mistake again, you are going to fuel my plane tomorrow”.

This is useful information but you will most likely have forgotten it in the next 24 hours. How could retain this information? By encoding it in your memory. Your memory likes images and repetition.

  1. Encode key information as an image
  2. Position the image somewhere familiar
  3. Remind yourself of the image at ever increasing intervals

Watch this!

Key takeaway: Complaining never solves anything

  1. Encode as an image: A huge PLANE (representing ‘complain’) covered in mathematical equations you can NEVER SOLVE
  2. Position: Imagine this plane sitting on the roof of your house
  3. Set a remind for 24 hrs and put ‘roof of house’ in the reminder description. See what happens.

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