New Podcast: 19. Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

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Hands-on advice about how to negotiate your way to success from an FBI hostage negotiator. Learn the principles for all negotiation whether it’s in the office, the home….or a hostage stand-off!

There is a book that is considered quintessential reading for understanding negotiation, ‘Getting to Yes’. We cover it in episode 16, get it here. However, there is a fundamental issue that the author of this book takes and that is the fact the authors of ‘Getting to Yes’ are assuming that those people in a negotiation are acting rationally.

Chris Voss, the author of ‘Never Split The Difference’ worked for decades as an FBI hostage negotiator and puts the case forward that in fact most participants in a negotiation are not acting rationally but very much irrationally.

Ignoring the fact that people act emotionally reminds me of the NLP presupposition that says ‘The map is not the territory’.

A map will tell you in 2D what to expect when you climb that mountain or walk that trail but it is not the territory. The map cannot tell you anything of the weather or the mood of your fellow climbers or that you will get a blister on your foot half way up….that’s the 3D version of what it will be like to climb the mountain.

The map is not the territory.

So while Getting to Yes will give you the fundamental rules for understanding and executing a successful negotiation, Never Split The Difference will show you how to tweak those very clean rules of negotiation engagement for real world scenarios.

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