6 Biases To Avoid For Those New To Leadership Roles

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Your Leadership Style according to The Ostrich Paradox

If you have ever wondered what your leadership style is going to be or how to go about building a style you should look no further than The Ostrich Paradox by Robert Meyer & Howard Kunreuther

Looking to learn leadeship skills and more importantly the right leadership skills is difficult. There is conflicting information everywhere. The trick is to allow yourself to gravitate towards topics that you think might have value for you specifically. Then you need to do 3 very important things. You must understand what is being proposed. If you are being told that a leader must be a source of clarity….well, what exactly does that mean?


Once you understand the topic, you must remember it. Think about it, you need to know ‘be a source of clarity’ in the moment. Having it written in a notebook or saved in a cloud somewhere is no use. You need it when you need it. You cannot be in a team meeting that you are leading for the first time and checking your notes every few sentences.


And that leads to the final step – deliberate practice. You are new to your leadership role, you just promoted or you are new to the organisation. You gravitated towards a particular topic but that does not necessarily equate to this topics being true for you. It may very well be true for others but it might just not resonate with you. If not, discard it and move on. If you like it, keep it.

In our most recent podcast we took a look at The Ostrich Paradox to see what can be gleaned for those new to leadership positions. At first glance it may not seem like it would have much but you will be surprised. As a leader you need focus on what is in front of you but you also have to have a ‘rainy day’ strategy for when the unexpected happens. You do not want to be caught underprepared.


Here is our founder, Kevin talking about the episode:


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