Building your leadership toolbox – Should you be caring or direct? …Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Being new to leadership can lead to a lot of questions about how to approach your new direct reports. Our latest podcast episode covers this book.


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Should you focus on being liked to get the best out of them or are bottom line results all that matter? According to author Kim Scott, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Radical candor addresses these questions and more.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott The tagline for the book, ‘how to get what you want by saying what you mean’ sums it up. Leadership is not a zero sum game where you are either well liked or completely results driven at the expense of team morale. It is about being clear in your expectations while genuinely caring about the wellbeing of your team. In this episode we discuss these ideas and more including most importantly, finding the balance between being caring and being direct.

In our most recent podcast based on Radical Candor we delve into the details of what it means to be clear and direct in your communication with your direct reports while genuinely caring about their emotional wellbeing. It is easier said than done. Becoming a leader is really about trying different approaches that resonate with your natural style. And finding your natural style is about trying different approaches. Because of the circular nature needed to build your soft skills it takes time and deliberate practice to find what works for you. You could do a lot worse than starting with Radical Candor by Kim Scott.